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Modern Nautical Elegance

Classic Yacht Interior Design

She invites to rethink Dutch classic yacht interiors beyond elegant luxury. The design connects heritage to contemporary minimalism and provides experience of being-on-a-boat, rather than in the “floating hotel”. Concept revolves around idea to elevate long-lasting tradition of shipyard in building seaworthy ships and marry it with refined modern elegance.

Design Brief

The aim is to create a contemporary luxury interior, to appeal to a younger fresh clientele. Her interiors are created for informal comfort and reminiscent of true soul of gentleman’s yachting. 

The existing hull has a timeless design of a Dutch trawler that withstood the test of time, so the interior has to convey the story of going far and staying long in order to match to the exteriors. Her interior was born when Suvorov Design has partnered with the brokerage and official distributor of the brand to redefine the evolution of a classic motor yacht. Staying authentic to the original design of the brand is the acknowledgement to the archives of yachts mission.

Classic motor yacht interior design by Suvorov Yacht Design
Classic motor yacht interior design by Suvorov Yacht Design

The Proposal

A nautical narrative is intertwined with contemporary luxury yacht design onboard, being a reinterpretation of classic Dutch builds. As the boat has CE ocean Category A, the feeling of being safe onboard encapsulates the go-anywhere concept is reflected in the design of interiors. By increasing the number of guests in the main salon we are trying to exploit the possibility of improvement livability onboard. The main layout of the yacht is preserved, such as the partitions and positions of bulkheads. The shipyard request is that the interior has to exude luxury, rather being too flashy. Durable, yet luxurious materials are to be used. To showcase the evolution of brand trajectory beyond comfort zone to conservative existing clients it is favorable to stick to a classic color palette of the previous builds

The Novelty

In order to stand out from the competition, we opt to use non-trivial design approach (for classic Dutch builds sense), however still feel solid and seaworthy. Stick to a lightning scheme of the previous builds, adjusting the location and type of lights. During the project refinement we developed a new language of interiors satisfying the existing customers as well as attracting the new ones. With a passion for preserving nautical heritage, interiors are crafted to pay homage to classic yacht aesthetics while embracing contemporary functionality.

Classic motor yacht interior design by Suvorov Yacht Design
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Classic motor yacht interior design materials by Suvorov Yacht Design

To showcase the features and new look of the interiors to the prospect clients high quality of 3D renders are produced. Developed on-speculation, master cabin, head and main saloon imagery is delivered.

The Artful use of solid and walnut veneers in combination with chrome accents creates a fluidity of the interior. This transition from the classic yacht interior to the minimalist elegance gives the trajectory to celebrate nautical traditions as well as the room for personalization to an owner. Such subtle details in master cabin, as the door outline to the head that is reminiscent to the ones at submarine, or rugged design of the cabinetry, recall owner of an experience being on a boat.  The furniture and cabinetry for this project is custom made, hence require intensive labor resources for production and fitting.

The proposed design allows to achieve both: appeal to the conservative existing clients, as well as attract the fresh younger clientele. The traditional character of the brand is reflected in the interior and becomes enriched with harmony to the exterior of the yacht.